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Bob Renggli
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Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching 


  • What is Relationship Coaching?   Relationship Coaching concentrates on helping individuals identify strengths and weaknesses, goals and dreams of the ideal relationship.  It will often also identiy impediments that may keep a person or couple from building a strong marital relationship.  Coaching is not Counseling or therapy for brokenness but rather assumes normalcy and develops potential.
  • Developing effective relationship strategies, effective relationship choices, acquiring effective relationship tools, and learning effective relationship skills is the intended outcome.
  • Realizing that two strong individuals are necessary in a mutual partnership, Relationship Coaching moves beyond "two halves searching to be whole" mentality which often sets up the "blame game."
  • At least three one-hour sessions  to help couples become aware of significant factors in their relationship and take control of consciously building desirable tools for their life-long retolationship toolbox.

I will be happy to discuss this additional option with you before OR AFTER the wedding.  This service is available to all couples even if I haven't officiated at your wedding. 

Please contact me at 503-969-8174 or

Bob Renggli
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